Man Rider mod. O-3.3

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Course details

Course length


Max enrollments



The student must have completed module 0-1.1 alternative module 1.1-2.3 ( former F 2703)

Min enrollments


Target audience

The course is intended for personnel who will be operating personnel winch in daily work cf. training plan / NORSOK R-003

Minimum attendance to pass


Course goal

The purpose of the training is to give new winch operator a good theoretical basic training in the safe use of winches and associated equipmentThe training will give students a good understanding of the principles of electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic powered winches personnel's construction, operation, use and maintenance, so that incidents and accidents during winching operations are avoided


Theory module:Minimum number of questions: 10Maximum time for exam: 1 hourMinimum passing rate: 80%

Course subjects

* Introduction
* Regulation
* Construction, how to use the winch
* General safety regulation
* Signalling, communication
* Maintenance and control
* Exam

Practical exercise
* Daily inspection
* Emergency procedures
* Rescue

Course diploma

A certificate will be issued to each candidate who successfully has completed the trainingCourse certificate will contain information about the training location, course content, date of completion, the candidate's name and date of birth and be signed by the Managing Director/Course Coordinator


In accordance with NORSOK R-003