Fall protection and rescue

Future course dates

Fall protection and rescue06.05.20243 daysCourse full
Fall protection and rescue03.06.20243 daysRegistration
Fall protection and rescue05.08.20243 daysRegistration
Fall protection and rescue26.08.20243 daysRegistration
Fall protection and rescue16.09.20243 daysRegistration
Fall protection and rescue07.10.20243 daysRegistration
Fall protection and rescue28.10.20243 daysRegistration
Fall protection and rescue18.11.20243 daysRegistration
Fall protection and rescue09.12.20243 daysRegistration

Course details

Course length


Max enrollments

12 (practical exercise 1 instructor pr 6 candidates)


No requirements

Min enrollments


Target audience

Training is adapted for personnel that are part of the fallarrest/rescue team on board an installation, but also for the personnel who wish a basic understanding of a rescue operation, evacuation equipment after an accidental fall by using fall safety/rescue equipmentThis course is for all companies and all personnel that procure use and maintain fall protection equipment.

Minimum attendance to pass


Course goal

The course shall provide knowledge and skills in accordance with the requirements regarding safe use and servicing of fall protection equipment. Practical knowledge of fall protection and proper use of rescue equipment, use of rope access, rescue of free hanging person, over open sea, tank, use of stretcher, abseils and treatment using first aid equipment


A practical exam and a theoretical exam min. 20 questions

Course subjects

Introduction and best practices
Regulations, guidelines (Norwegian & UK)
Risk assessment
Fall protection equipment
Use of personal protective equipment
Knowledge about different equipment and methods
The equipment's limitations and opportunities
Requirements for maintenance, storage and control
Consequences of fall
Practical and theoretical review of rescue exercises
- Planning and risk assessment of rescue
- Basic first aid
- Rescue efforts w / respiratory systems
- Life of the suspended person
- Rescue vessels / confined spaces
- Life over open sea
- Lowering / Hoisting of person
- Stabilization of person
- Knowledge about suspension trauma
Practical and theoretical exam

Course diploma

A certificate of course completion shall be issued to each students who has successfully met the requirement of the course.The certificate shall include PNI Training Centre AS, course title, date of the course, date of birth (student), name of the student, signed by Managing Director/coordinator


2 years in accordance to NS 9610 : 2020