Working environment, responsibility and consequences module 1.1

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Course details

Course length


Max enrollments



No prerequisites

Min enrollments


Target audience

Personnel that in their daily basis will use / uses forklift, lifting equipment and earthmoving machines

Minimum attendance to pass


Course goal

The purpose of this training is to give drivers who use working equipment, order no. 703 “Regulations on work preformance, use of working equipment” a good general basic training in safe use so that accidents are avoided


The basic module ends with a written exam ( 1 hour) to ensure that each participant has sufficient knowledge about the common elements for proper and safe operation of the crane, forklift and earthmoving machines

Course subjects

Laws and regulations
Working environment, responsibilities and consequences
External environment
Safety regulations for use of working equipment
Dangerous goods - Labeling and handling

Course diploma

A certificate will be issued to each candidate who has completed the training. The certificate will contain information about the training location, course content, date of completion, the candidate's name and date of birth and be signed by the Managing Director / Course Coordinator


In accordance with the company internal control system