G5 Offshore crane Upgrade OMHEC ts, IMCA C014, DNV No. 2.14

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Course details

Course length


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The candidate should be able to document simular modules as training courses for offshore crane; Banksman & slinger, radio telephony (VHF), Offshore crane stage 1-2-3, practice as offshore crane operatorsOperators who only can verify step 1-2 and have not completed practical exam with sensor offshore (step 3), must do this after the course before a certificate can be issued

Min enrollments


Target audience

Craneoperators with operator licence for offshore crane taken in example Great Britain, Netherlands or Denmark

Minimum attendance to pass


Course goal

The goal of this course is to provide operators with other offshore crane certificate (Danish, Dutch or English) an upgrade in Norwegian legislation and an update of offshore crane (technical knowledge) of EN 13852. Furthermore, one should be able to verify knowledge within Norwegian syllabus O-2.1 Offshore crane


Theory:Minimum number of questions: 30Maximum time to complete the test: 1 hourPassing rate: 80%Practice in simulator:Minimum tasks: 1Maximum time to complete the test: 1 hourPassing rate: 100%

Course subjects

Standard EN 13852
Working Environment, Activity Regulation,NORSOK R-003
Maritime Legislation
Governing documents
Operators demand
Cranes area for use, limitations
Safety functions
Emergency procedures
Safe use of offshore crane
Practical verification, maintenance and inspection
Practical training on simulator
Exam theory, practice

Course diploma

A certificate will be issued to each candidate who successfully has completed the training Course certificate will contain information about the training location, course content, date of completion, the candidate's name and date of birth and be signed by the Managing Director/Course Coordinator


3 years