Packing and load securing O-2.6 Repetition

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Course details

Course length


Max enrollments



Basic lifting O-1.1 alt. module 1.1-2.3 or earlier syllabus F-2702O-2.6 Packing, load securing

Min enrollments


Target audience

Personnel who manage, coordinates and work with securing of load

Minimum attendance to pass


Course goal

The objective of the training is to maintain knowledge of packing, securing and transporting loads as well as user control of load carriers. This covers the entire logistics chain from supplier to customer and vice versa to ensure that incidents do not happen.


Theoretical and practical examThe theoretical training is completed with a written multiple choice exam.The written test consists of 30 questions. At least 24 correct answers are needed to pass.The practical training ends with a practical exam to ensure that each participant has sufficient knowledge and can show:• Proper use of personal protective equipment• User control of cargo carriers and assess whether it can be used or not• Plan to carry out packing and securing of a given load - Proper securing of workspace - Proper load carrying - Proper use of different load safety equipmentThe practical exam considered to be passed if the items listed below provides min. grade 4 in average and a minimum grade of 2 in a section element on a scale from 1 to 6 where 6 is the best.:• implementation of load securing• User control of the load carrier• use of load restraint system• security during load securing

Course subjects

Causes of near misses, deviation reports
Risk assessment
Regulations, standards and NOG's guidance
Different load carriers, planning, user control, packing
Use, control of load securing equipment,
Practical training:
- Use of personal protective equipment
- Implementation of user control
- Plan and implement loading and securing loads
- Safety during operation
- The use of barriers
- Theoretical and practical exam

Course diploma

A certificate of course completion shall be issued to each student who has successfully met the requirement of the course, The certificate shall include; PNI Training Centre AS, Course title, Date of the course, Date of birth (Student), Name of the student and be signed by Managing Director


I accordance with the company internal control system