Safe use of lifting equipment R-003E

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Course details

Course length

3-4 hours

Max enrollments



gone true Norsok R-003

Min enrollments


Target audience

Personnel which work offshore within Marine, drilling and technical department

Minimum attendance to pass


Course goal

The training will provide a general understanding of the structure, content and contribute to accepted level of safety for personnel, property and the environment in planning and execution of lifting operations.


written test

Course subjects

Introduction to Norsok R-003
Risk evaluation
Roles and responsiblities
Competence requirement
Enterprise of competence
Safe use of lifting equipment
Planning, SJA, WP
Signaller & Slinger
Calculation of load, lifting table
Wire sling, hooks, termination,
chain, clamps, fibre sling, shackle
Safe execution, blind lift
Load carrier
Work task and Exam

Course diploma

A certificate of course completion shall be issued to each student who has successfully met the requirement of the course, The certificate shall include; PNI Training Centre AS, Course title, Date of the course, Date of birth (Student), Name of the student and be signed by Managing Director


In accordance with the company's internal control system