Rigger course module P-2.4 & P-4.4

Future course dates

Rigger course module P-2.4 & P-4.427.05.20245 daysCourse full
Rigger course module P-2.4 & P-4.417.06.20245 daysRegistration
Rigger course module P-2.4 & P-4.412.08.20245 daysRegistration
Rigger course module P-2.4 & P-4.402.09.20245 daysRegistration
Rigger course module P-2.4 & P-4.423.09.20245 daysRegistration
Rigger course module P-2.4 & P-4.414.10.20245 daysRegistration
Rigger course module P-2.4 & P-4.404.11.20245 daysRegistration
Rigger course module P-2.4 & P-4.425.11.20245 daysRegistration
Rigger course module P-2.4 & P-4.416.12.20245 daysRegistration

Course details

Course length


Max enrollments



Prior requirements for participation in this learning initiative have been completed and passed:

1. Module O-1.1 G11 Lifting equipment (alternatively module 1 + 2.3)

2. Basic fall protection, ref. NS 9610 / NOROG guideline 113

All prerequisites must be documented by the participant in the form of a certificate of competence

Min enrollments


Target audience

The target group for this learning initiative is primarily personnel who will:

• perform rigging operations

• carry out training courses as a deck operator

• carry out training courses as a drill floor worker

• lead/coordinate lifting operations and other relevant logistics operations

• be operationally responsible

• be a safety representative

Minimum attendance to pass


Course goal

The training plan shall contribute to maintaining a high professional level adapted to the parties' needs for safe crane and lifting operations offshore and at onshore facilities, with reference to Section 21 of the Activities Regulations and Section 50 of the Technical and Operational Regulations relating to competence


The learning outcome shall conclude with a theoretical and a practical test to ensure that each participant has sufficient knowledge in accordance with competence objectives.

The course participants are divided into two groups, where group 1 conducts the practical test and group 2 assesses group 1.

After group 1 has finished the practical test, the two groups switch roles. The practical test duration is up to 3 hours for each group.

Two different tasks will be assigned to the groups.

Course subjects

Securing tools
Material handling plan
Hoists, construction, mode of action, use
Scaffold hoist
Selection of lifting equipment
Simple lifting devices
Roles, responsibilities, communication
Risk assessment
Lifting table
Rigging arrangement, beams, attachment point
Certified and uncertified structure
Practical rigging, horizontal, vertical
Theoretical and practical test

Course diploma

A certificate of course completion shall be issued to each students who has successfully met the requirement of the course The certificate shall include; PNI Training Centre AS, Course title, Date of the course, Date of birth (Student), Name of the student and signature by Managing Director


recommended repetition every 5 years according to Norwegian Ocean Industry Authority (Havtil)