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Course details

Course length

477 hours

Max enrollments



The requirements for basic courses within drilling and well technology, must have at least passed the general subjects of English and Norwegian equivalent VK1 / Vg2 for vocational subjects.Other subjects; 3-year general studies / education from high school.All technical education beyond this level are also accepted.Other education may also qualify for admission, but must be considered in each case.

Min enrollments


Target audience

Basic courses in drilling and well technology is an introductory course for those wishing to apply for jobs offshore in these activities or go from other types of jobs offshore to a career in drilling and well services

Minimum attendance to pass

90% (during session)

Course goal

The candidate should be able to aquire knowledge in the areas which includes drilling of exploration, appraisal-, completion, production and injection wells. Further covers use and maintenance of drilling equipments, HSE have a central role in these subjects.


Theoretical test at PNIPublic theoretical exam for private candidates BRT 2004 Interdisciplinary exam Well work

Course subjects

197 hours Exploration, drilling and completions
140 hours HSE and quality
140 hours Production and well maintenance

Course diploma

A diploma of course completion shall be issued to each student who has successfully met the requirement of the course. The certificate shall include PNI Training Centre AS, Course title, Date of the course, Date of birth (Student), Name of the student and be signed by Managing Director/Coordinator.


I accordance with the company internal control system