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About PNI Training Centre

PNI Training Centre AS has a wide variety of training courses directed against industry related areas like: DRILLING AND WELL OPERATIONS – Pressure piping, cementing, cable operations, drilling, completions, sea bed installations, IWCF-courses, quality assurance management.

CRANE AND LIFTING OPERATIONS – All crane types, Rigger course, winch courses, Forklift course, Cherry picker, and working equipment.

We also offer a range of new courses adapted to the recent revision of the NORSOK standard and OLF recommended guidelines (Packing, securing and transportation of load, as well as fall protection and rescue). In addition our certified instructors also work with VAC (Verification of Competence) offshore. This way we are able to confirm and adapt company’s needs for documentation and certification with regards to Norwegian law or others countries’ regulatory requirement.

PNI Training Centre AS gives various courses in preparedness related subjects, like advanced first aid course, re-training courses, heart starter course, Health, Industrial protection and Basic Working Environment (HSE). All courses carried out in Norwegian and English.

Our courses and services follows the best guidelines and specifications, like business standards, law requirements and current training plans. In addition specialized courses for On/Offshore Industry in close co-operation with the customer.

PNI Training Centre AS has in collaboration with Antycip and CM labs in Canada developed a crane simulator making it possible to synchronize training between crane/deck personnel working at offshore installations.