Dangerous Goods IMDG

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Duration: 16 hours

Minimum attendance to pass:80%

Course content

  • Introduction
  • What is dangerous goods
  • Accidents, risk asseccment
  • Requirement, classification, identification
  • Packaging, shipping methods,
  • Marking and labeling
  • Documentation
  • Stowage and separation
  • Responsibilities
  • Introduction to ADR
  • Exam

Goal for course

After completing the course, participants should have the necessary knowledge of the principles of risk, cause and consequence of accidents involving dangerous goods.Furthermore, the student should be able to explain limitations, requirements, classification, identification, packaging, labeling, documentation and handling of dangerous goods by road and sea.

Intake requirements

No requirement for prerequisites

Target audience

The course is aimed at operational personnel, warehouse holders and shippers, freight forwarders, shipping companies and others involved in combined road and sea transport of dangerous goods. Offshore personnel conducting the planning of cargo, stowage, separation cargo, receipt and shipment of goods.

Final exam


A certificate will be issued to each candidate who has completed the training. The certificate will contain information about the training location, course content, date of completion, the candidate's name and date of birth and be signed by the Managing Director / Course Coordinator