G-07 Inspection of winches and hoist part 1 and 2

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Duration: 40 hours

Minimum attendance to pass:100%

Course content

  • Introduction
  • Regulations, guidance, standards
  • Constructions
  • Components
  • Certifications and inspection
  • Wire/chain drive
  • Instruction books
  • Work task
  • Practical training in inspection winch and hoist
  • Inspection equipment
  • Completion of reports
  • Exam

Goal for course

After completing the course the candidate should independently be able to carry out a periodic inspection within G7

Intake requirements

Minimum 18 years old when the course startModule K-G00 General part lifting appliance

Target audience

Personnel who want to make a theoretical and practical test for inspection group G07

Final exam

Theoretical test (approx 30 question)Practical test• Inspection prcedures and checklist• Tools and equipment• Inspection• Reports


A certificate of course completion shall be issued to each student who has successfully met the requirement of the course, The certificate shall include; PNI Training Centre AS, Course title, Date of the course, Date of birth (Student), Name of the student and be signed by Managing Director