P-3.1 Offshore crane G5- Theory

  • 18.09.2024 - 20.09.2024

    0 Available


  • 20.11.2024 - 22.11.2024

    6 Available


Duration: 24 hours

Minimum attendance to pass:80%

Course content

  • Introduction
  • Give an account of roles, responsibilities and communication
  • Laws, regulations, standards,
  • Documentation and control of cranes
  • Construction and operation of the offshore crane
  • Emergency and safety system
  • Crane capacity, dynamic stresses
  • Load chart, load indicator
  • Requirements for winches, personnel lift/requirements
  • Control and maintenance of wire ropes, hooks and blocks
  • Safety requirements,
  • Safe lifting operations
  • Evaluation

Goal for course

The objective of this learning measure is that the person receiving training shall acquire sufficient theoretical knowledge and safe use of G5 Offshore cranes for handling cargo internally, in the open sea, against ships, and/or floating facilities and underwater lift.

Intake requirements

18 years Module O-1.1 G11 alt. module 1 and 2.3 Lifting equipment (certificate of competence must be verified)

Target audience

The target group for this learning initiative is candidates who will become operators of G5 Offshore crane

Final exam

Theoretical test approx. 50 questions


A certificate will be issued to each candidate who has completed and passed the training.The course certificate will contain information about the training centre, course content, date of completion, course duration, candidates name and date of birth, and been signed by the general manager/course coordinator.