Telescopic forklift C1 & C2

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Duration: 6 hours

Minimum attendance to pass:80%

Course content

  • Introduction
  • Area for use C1 lifting capasity 10 ton
  • Accidents with telescopic forklift
  • Construction and working principle
  • Support leg and stability
  • Boom construction
  • Overload system
  • Load chart
  • Rigging up
  • Theoretical exam
  • Evaluation

Goal for course

The purpose of the training is to provide operators of telescopic forklifts a theoretical basic training in the use of telescopic forklift so that accidents can be avoided.The training will give the candidate a good introduction into the structure, risk factors and use of telescopic forklifts. The training is given as a supplement to forklifts, heavy machinery and lorry cranes. 

Intake requirements

Forklift T1-T4

Target audience

Final exam